Hello and welcome to

The Ghibli Studio!

Here you can find gifs, pictures, fan art, concept art, video clips, and more of your favorite Ghibli movies!

If you can have any questions or requests for what you want to see, don't be afraid to message me here!

TheGhibliStudio’s grand opening giveaway!

What you get:

  • Totoro themed bento box
  • Totoro Earbuds
  • Two boxes of Pocky (chocolate and strawberry)

How to enter:

  1. Likes count for one entry!
  2. Reblogs count for one entry!
  3. Must be comfortable giving me your address and must have your ask box open!
  4. You do not have to following me! …but hey, you like Ghibli, I like Ghibli, let’s be friends! :)

I’ll be choosing the winner on June 1st using a random number generator! If you guys have any questions or need additional info, feel free to ask! :D

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